Adrian Cory is a 31-year-old construction foreman who has been with Mirvac for 14 years. Adrian currently works between 50 and 58 hours per week with an additional 8-10 hours of commuting to and from work.

The demands of his role span managing four to five Mirvac employees, managing up to 10 different trades (with between two to 50 contractors per trade), ensuring construction program milestones are achieved and budgets are adhered to and ensuring the health and safety of all workers and visitors to the site.

Adrian has experienced first and second hand the stresses and time constraints being a construction worker brings. His father worked in the construction industry since the age of 16, working his way up to become a Construction Director with Mirvac. Growing up, Adrian had little time to spend with his father until he became a Director when Adrian was 16. Having recently become a father himself, he can see the difficulties his father faced in providing for his family and Adrian can see the same cycle presenting.

Adrian is seeking a new way of working as he understands that his family life is as equally important as his career. He also understands that his role is traditionally one of ‘presenteeism’ and is looking to see what flexible working arrangements can offer him.