Simon manages a team of in-house lawyers within the Telstra Global Enterprise and Services legal team. Currently Simon works from 8:30am to 6:30pm in the office daily, and puts in additional time from home most evenings after he’s put his daughter to bed. He often works on weekends.

Simon’s daughter is three-years-old and his mother, who takes up much of his free time, is adjusting to life in an aged-care facility, placing much pressure on his wife to hold home-life together. Simon is hoping to use flexible working to find a better balance between his competing priorities, and to find ways to work more efficiently – through both working from home and part-time work.

As a leader in an in-house team where flexible working is one of its key differentiators, Simon is looking to lead by example and embrace flexible working hours as much as possible, encouraging his team members to do the same.

Simon is a self-confessed workaholic – also undertaking the challenge to change the working patterns that he explains have become a part of his DNA. He knows he needs to change … and quickly.