The project

The Equilibrium Challenge aims to provide a communication forum for people interested in flexible work practices and workplace gender equality as well as the technology, tools and tactics that enable people to achieve greater equilibrium in their lives.The business benefits of improved workplace productivity, employee engagement and organisational performance will also be explored.

The first major initiative we have underway is The Equilibrium Man Challenge, the centrepiece of which is an online series of micro-documentaries that follow a group of men who are trying to change the way they work. Supporting the documentary series will be a series of Insight Interviews with relevant experts and engaging public opinion through video vox pops by Public Pulse Research. Social media channels will also support healthy discussion and debate.

The Equilibrium Man Challenge is a collaborative project that involves both government and private sector organisations. The project is a response to a policy objective of the Australian Government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) and WGEA endorse the initaitve. It is sponsored by Mirvac and Telstra, with the support of the law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth and the IT giant Cisco, all of whom have put forward candidates to take part in the documentaries. The project is also endorsed by Diversity Council Australia (DCA).

The initiative was created, developed and is being managed by Praxis Communication.

It is intended that over time The Equilibrium Challenge will develop other initiatives, some to support The Equilibrium Man Challenge, while others might be about workplace flexibility and gender equality more broadly. All such projects will continue with the collaborative spirit that has made The Equilibrium Man Challenge such an interesting initiative, one we hope will help Australians and Australian businesses succeed and adapt to the future.

Discussion protocol on social media channels

All contributions and debates that take place on this site, or via any related social media, must be respectful. We are interested in constructively exploring ideas, considering new ways of doing things and analysis around the obstacles and opportunities that relate to workplace flexibility, gender equality in the workplace, as well as other subject matter that relates to the efforts of people and business that aim to help Australians achieve greater equilibrium in their lives.