Strategic approach to flexibility

Organisations across Australia are beginning to see flexibility as a key enabler of gender equality and are developing strategies to support their employees work flexibly.

To help organisations along the journey, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency has developed a comprehensive education program focused on ensuring a strategic approach to workplace flexibility and support for caring and family responsibilities.

The program will help organisations develop a deeper understanding of what ‘flexible working arrangement’ means and the resources will help organisations build the capability to develop and implement an overall flexibility strategy.

The diagnostic phase

Readiness assessment
This document looks at whether or not your organisation is ready for a strategic approach to flexibility.
Readiness assessment diagnostic tool
This tool can be used to assist you complete the diagnostic phase detailed in the readiness assessment.
Guidance on running flexibility focus groups
This document outlines the steps to running an effective focus group on workplace flexibility

Developing and implementing a flexibility strategy

Building a flexibility strategy
This document provides a guide to building an organisation-wide approach to implementing and managing workplace flexibility
Executive briefing on flexibility strategy
This briefing note highlights the role of the executive team in leading an organisation towards a more flexible working environment.
Developing a flexible working arrangements policy
This briefing note provides guidance on the key features of a flexible working arrangements policy.