Energy Healing

As I place my hands on you the energy flows. I channel energy from many high vibrational levels and infuse your body with the gift of healing. This raises your personal vibration.

I have been attuned to a variety of modalities and work very closely with the angels and other beautiful Beings (see Glossary and Qualifications). It is very common to feel more than one pair of gentle loving hands working on you at the same time, which feels safe, nurturing, and amazing.

You will receive whatever energy or combination of energies that are needed for you. Relax and enjoy the many sensations you will experience as your body, mind, and spirit come back into balance.

I will teach you important techniques to maintain what we achieve in the session, and ‘tools to empower you in the future.

Energy work can trigger a variety of responses ranging from tiredness, bouncing with energy, emotional release in the form of tears, laughter, and joy. Please know that this is normal, and will pass. Drinking water, resting and listening to your body will speed up this integration process.


I discovered during my ‘awakening’ 15 years ago that when I placed my hands on people things would happen, for example, the pain was reduced or even removed, emotions released, colors observed in the third eye, and a feeling of peace would permeate. As a ‘sensitive’ I was very good at reading people, tuning in to what they were feeling and where it was in their body. Over the years I have developed and my skills have fine-tuned.
I began with Reiki and a variety of modalities and later was attuned to the Angels, Pleiadians (FSP), Tera Mai Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Seikhim, Ashati, and others. My Guides and Spirit Helpers work together with me as a team. It is very common for a person to feel more than one pair of gentle, loving hands on them as I work. I always cleanse and activate my healing space so that it becomes a sacred place, a healing temple.
While doing the hands-on healing and placing my hands in various positions on and over your body, you will find that your body naturally responds to the energies that I channel. You may feel warmth, intense heat, cool energies coming from my hands. As I do this I place you in various chambers and use a multitude of techniques to settle your mind and thoughts, release stresses, negative emotions, old wounds, contracts, and false beliefs that are inhibiting your progress and growth.

I may place crystals on various chakras and use Vibrational Oils to anoint you, cleanse you, and activate you to a higher level than where you were. Your aura is cleansed and charged with clean, clear energy. The way forward is then clearer for you. This process occurs during a one or two-hour healing.
The session is completed with ‘Tools’ (information sheets that I will go through with you) to use on a daily basis such as cleansing and grounding techniques which will empower you, keep your vibration high and help you to maintain what was achieved in the session.


This is a clothes-on massage you receive in both one and two-hour healings. It involves a series of light-touch movements that flow gently into one another on the front and back of the body that blend together into a ritual, using symbols, breathwork, and gentle rocking to release. This dynamic flow of energy throughout the body breaks through the blockages.
A gentle and nurturing yet profoundly powerful experience.


♥ Inner peace and calm   
♥ Clears the head   
♥ Assists with sleep
♥ Deep relaxation, a sense of letting go
♥ Improvement in overall wellbeing

♥ Balances the chakras     
♥ Balances the left/right brain
♥ Releases stagnant energy from all parts of the body


Crystals may be used to enhance the healing experience.  They are often placed on and around the body to heighten the experience and promote harmony within the systems and organs of the body.

Crystals have many amazing properties and work with you to assist in the releasing and or gifting of energies to lift your vibration and release ‘old’ stagnant energies. Many reports that they really feel a sense of letting things go, for example, grief and a connection to another that ‘holds’ them.

I also use crystals for:

♥ Activating of the third eye and an opening of the psychic channels.
♥ Releasing heavy energies 
♥ Cleansing the chakras and strengthening the chakras
♥ Distance healing

♥ Under my massage table to increase the flow of energy  
♥ Cleansing the aura on each level
♥ Activating the soul star and earth star chakras 
♥ Crystal grids  



Wherever you are in the world I am able to ‘tune in’ to cleanse your energy and clear obstacles, negative emotions, and cord attachments. You may email a photo and your full name or the person you would like the healing for. This may be done anytime, as you sleep or at an agreed time with me – the energy still flows 🙂 Often you will feel the energy as I work with you; or simply lighter, clearer, greater clarity, and happier afterward. I offer half-hour or one-hour sessions. I will email afterward a brief report of what was achieved in the session.

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