Holistic Counselling

Holistic Counselling brings together modalities from across the globe, combining Neuroscience, Psychology & Holistic healing methodologies that move beyond the ‘mind and its stories’ and enable true freedom on a deeply personal level.

Reasons to try Holistic Counselling….

  • Have you tried traditional counseling and nothing’s changed?
  • Are you over the mind recycling the same story without relief?
  • Do you want to experience peace rather than the suffering the unquestioned mind creates?
  • Do you regularly feel like you want to run away from people or situations?
  • Are you living in disharmony with your family ?  and don’t really know why?
  • Do you feel lonely and like you are carrying the weight of life on your shoulders, on your own?
  • Do you know, or feel like you had traumatic experiences in your childhood and would like to release them and move forward?
  • Are you carrying cysts, fibroids, aches, and pains or long-held physical pain and tension?
  • Are you living with unresolved grief?
  • Are you addicted to substances, behaviors, people, places, drama?

   In many cases, the modalities on offer assist to resolve these issues and certainly, you will learn self-help processes that can be used to support and promote healing and a positive life long after completing sessions with your Holistic Counsellor

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