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What is Reiki?

 REIKI (pronounced Ray-Key) consists of two Japanese Kanji, (see opposite) which when translated into English loosely mean:
Sacred energy or spiritual energy *
Also known as Universal Life Force Energy, the energy found in all things in our universe. Reiki is NOT a religion, you do not have to believe in anything specific in order to receive Reiki – it is completely independent of any beliefs.
“The system of Reiki is a complimentary, safe, vibrational, energy healing therapy that promotes balance and healing in mind, body, and spirit.
The National Institute of Complementary Medicine ( NICM) Australia defines REIKI as a biofield therapy, a type of energy medicine. Biofield therapies are intended to affect energy fields that surround the human body.
Reiki healing can: reduce inflammation and increase healing in soft tissue injury, reduce the effects of flu and colds, improve sleep and reduce restlessness, release blocked emotions and allow emotional healing, assist with the Palliative care journey for both the patient and family and friends, is rapidly absorbed by children and animals.

Children respond to the energy more quickly than adults and it can be of benefit for multiple types of healing including assisting to soften the heightened energy levels in children with ADD and increase overall emotional balance for children with Asbergers and Autism – distance healing sessions are available and a great way to introduce this healing method in the child’s home environment and without a stranger present. 
Reiki energy treatments are also very powerful for healing trauma, many clients after 3 – 4 treatments report the trauma reactions have gone, sleep is deep and regular and a lightness/happiness has replaced the dark, the reactive and nervous place they were previously in.
Reiki energy is also very beneficial to pets,  horses, and other domestic animals who have suffered trauma or are ill or healing from surgery.
Rosemary also works with very ill and palliative clients and their families (and for two charities).
If you or a loved one are being treated with Chemo, or are on the palliative journey, Reiki is a powerful modality for reducing anxiety, enabling deep rest, and improving the overall quality of life at that point in time.

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Please Note – for authentic Reiki Healing
Reiki originated in Japan in the early 1900s, The Reiki Healing Energy was gifted to Mikao Usui whilst he was on solitary retreat on Mt Kurama meditating. Mikao Usui meditated near the top of the mountain at a site called Osugi Gongen, at the site of a great sacred tree (Kami ).  When seeking a Reiki practitioner ask to see their lineage and their membership of an Australian Reiki organization such as ARC. Any person claiming to have been initiated to Reiki on-line may NOT be embracing the lifestyle and personal daily rituals that a traditional Reiki practitioner follows, furthermore, a minimum of 6 weeks between initiation into Reiki level 1 and Reiki level 2 are required, and then a minimum of a year between Level 2 initiation and Master level.

Reiki Master/Teacher Course - Amara School of Holistic Therapies
Reiki Energy flowing into Client

Anything less than face-to-face teaching & initiation and the above timeframes for personal practice and development is not honoring the tradition of Reiki as a path to personal enlightenment.

Distance Healing with Reiki
Because Reiki is the flow of energy from the source, it can be directed anywhere. Practitioners do not offer Reiki Healing without the client’s permission. Reiki healing energy can be sent anywhere on the planet, if you live in a remote or regional area and can’t get to a healer, or you are housebound or have limited mobility, I can conduct a Reiki session from my own studio, known as Distance Healing. It really works but I offer a money-back guarantee – so if you want to try it and are nervous about whether it works or not, you have nothing to lose!
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